Pimperbook: Why still loneliness? When finding love is so easy!

Last update : 9 december 2021

The PimperBook test for those who want to know

What is PimperBook? you might be wondering if you are hearing about this platform for the very first time. Briefly and sweetly run through it is: pimp, fuck, have a good time. PimperBook is one of the most effective dating portals. Here you can meet songs and organize sexy dates with users, maybe even threesomes! There are no restrictions on enjoying. Our PimperBook test actually took a better look at the website's business. It is extremely fresh to the market, just considering that 2020! In our test, we looked at all sorts of things and even tried to arrange a real consultation.

What users are on PimperBook

PimperBook's neighborhood is colorful, as are the varied preferences of its users. No matter what fetish you have, or whether it's a quickie in the park: here you have reasonable opportunities to discover your dream partners and date with them in realit.

We don't have favorable information about the member base yet, because, as discussed, the site is still brand new. However, the target group is clear: There is something for everyone here! Woman seeks girl, man seeks man and woman seeks man and vice versa. As far as age is concerned, no one is neglected here. Here everyone can walk, if he likes what he sees

If you enjoy uncomplicated chats with other individuals and are spontaneous enough to meet strangers and have fun without obligations, then you are in the very best place. Really to the slogan: anything is possible, absolutely nothing is required

The excitement rises: This is how contacting people on PimperBook works

The profiles on PimperBook differ from those on routine song exchanges. Given that this website is about getting service, your profile is naturally anonymized. Only basic or premium users have access to the profiles. Unregistered Internet users cannot see who is logged in here. So your personal privacy is guaranteed. And hello, even if your acquaintance is logged in here and he or she sees you, that person will definitely not let you know

Your PimperBook profile info is your key to dating

The profiles on PimperBook are different from those on basic songs sites. Because on this site, of course, everything about the squeamish is anonymized, your profile is anonymized. Only essential users or premium users have access to the profiles. Unregistered Internet users cannot see who is registered here. So your personal privacy is protected. And hello, even if your company is registered here and sees you, it certainly won't let you know.

There is something you need to understand, though: Once you've been visited, all other members of the site can see you. Fundamentally: you are no longer confidential within this neighborhood. Concrete information, such as your exact address or your bank details, are of course disappointed everywhere

Your profile picture is practically more indispensable on PimperBook than on other platforms. Here, after all, it's all about physical contacts. Given the truth that men and women nowadays want to see what they get in bed. Get inspired by the gallery photos and the completely free profiles of other users and then calmly show what you have to offer

Besides a photo, you can also publish full body photos of yourself here. If you don't want to do that, you will certainly be asked quickly in a chat what you look like. Since the point here is to meet in real life, it's best not to feign too much about your info

Eventually, if you follow the rules, it will come out anyway whether you've indicated a muscular upper body with "six-pack" or rather your stash of beer cans in the fridge. So don't market yourself as an expert footballer and thereby create false expectations, when in reality you are just an excellent television commentator

Sincerely, again of course it can happen to you that individuals fabricate fake accounts. Research in advance who you want to meet later. For example, you can have an image sent to you with a particular object. Apart from that, the staff here examines whether the images are real and not stolen from some star or cartoon character

Of course, if someone cheats with the age data, you won't see it at second or first glance. But let's face it: who values a few years, when incentives are expected to fly in be

PimperBook app / mobile website

The PimperBook site is set up for cell phones and can be appropriately accessed as a mobile version through the smart device's web browser. A PimperBook app for Apple iOS or Android is not available at this time.

It may even be valuable if your phone doesn't beep when someone writes to you, if you're actually in a committed relationship and just looking for an experience. Small tip: You can surf the same way with the cell phone in untraceable mode and then clear your history, so no one is keeping you busy on the ide

If you consider that the site offers a messaging feature, you won't be humbled to give up your personal contact number. Everything is handled exceptionally cleanly through the vendo

Customer support and contacting PimperBook

If you need help, you can contact PimperBook via email and their customer support department at support@pimperbook.com

How does PimperBook work?

You can register with your basic information. Here you have to enter your email address and a password. Then after a few minutes you will get an email. In it you have to confirm the link. Formally you are then a full member and you have access to other profiles, you can talk or develop your own profile first

How safe is PimperBook?

How safe and protected the dating service is depends on the security you ask for. Based on our test we can assume that an insurance of a real conference you are not used here. You are your own manager and have to convince your chat partners about you. As for your information and images, it is managed that only logged in users can see what you actually received or what you sent in public. Persons surfing the Internet who are not registered do not have access to user profiles.

Pimperbook in a nutshell

logo Pimperbook Pimperbook
Pimperbook: Why still loneliness? When finding love is so easy! logo Pimperbook
  • Only free or premium users have access to user profiles
  • The search for a partner is preceded by a simple registration
  • Send daily free messages to other members
  • Easily find single women & men straight or gay and have hot adventures
  • Pimperbook app not officially available for download from the appstore
  • If you want unlimited chatting, camming and sending photos and videos, premium is required

What cost Pimperbook?

PimperBook costs and prices

The PimperBook costs are without discounts from €29.68 per month, to €13.57 per month at a period of 6 months. So the PimperBook rates are cheaper when you purchase for a longer period. In addition, they also offer a trial account for 3 days for the price of €3.79. if you are just curious and want to take a quick look. For this you can send unlimited messages. The basic account, which you can generally create yourself, is partially free

Make sure you cancel in time if you don't want to renew your subscription, otherwise it will continue immediately. This of course also applies to your trial membership. So look carefully at the details of the contract

You can delete your profile at any time if you cancel the agreement. This means you will lose all your data from the site

To test the offer, you can test PimperBook.co.uk for 14 days. For this you will have to pay a one-time fee of €0.99.

Duration Price 1 month Advantage
1 week€3,79-100%
1 maand€29,68€29,680%
3 maanden€50,87€16,9612%
6 maanden€81,39€13,5733%
2 weken€0,99-90%
logo Pimperbook
Our score 9.7
Average rating
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100% anonymous and discrete 100% anonymous & discrete
registrations today 272registrations today
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Pimperbook specifications

  • Ideal ageIdeal age21 - 46
  • SubscriptionsSubscriptions280.000
  • Male / Female %Male / Female %48 / 52
  • Credit systemCredit systemNo
  • Free versionFree versionYes

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