5 tips for safer Sexting!

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5 tips for safer Sexting!
Sexting is the sharing of sexually explicit messages, selfies or videos of yourself via your smartpone or tablet. The word "sexting" is derived from the two words "sex" and "texting" (which is the English name for sending messages).

What is Sexting?

Sexting is the sharing of sexually explicit messages, selfies or videos of yourself via your smartpone or tablet. Thus, this fairly modernly used word "sexting" is derived from the two words 'sex' and 'texting' (which is the English name for messaging).

Sexting is distinguished by characteristics such as:

  • Voluntarily, the messages, images, and videos are deliberately created by their protagonists and initially sent by themselves to other people.
  • Sexual character. The content has a clear sexual connotation: nudity or semi-nudity, as well as an example or description of sexual activity.
  • Use of digital devices.The most common is using their mobile or smartphone, but this can also be done using the webcam of the tablet, laptop or desktop. If this is done during a video call or webcam chat session, it is called sexcasting.

Sexting can be exciting and thrilling

Receiving or sending sexy selfies, nude photos or erotic videos with a specific person you like and trust can be very exciting. If you are in a long distance relationship or have a partner who is away for a long time, sexting might be the best alternative to satisfy each other's erotic needs from a distance. For when you can't be together and long for each other. There are also many couples who try to excite each other through exciting messages or photos, prior to a later meeting.

The risks of sexting

Of course, there are also risks to sharing sexual images of yourself. For example, you are increasingly hearing about nude photos being sent to other people on purpose, or even by accident. Moreover, someone can also deliberately try to provoke you into sharing intimate photos or videos of yourself, and then blackmail, bully or retaliate. This could result in your photos or videos being shared with other people or distributed to pornographic sites.

Safer Sexting Tips

  • Don't go in recognizable! Make sure that you do not take any sexual pictures or videos in which you can be recognised. Always keep your head out of the picture!
  • Only sext with people you know offline and whom you can trust. A sexting is not forwarded! It is even better to agree that you will delete the messages immediately and not save them.
  • Only sext if the other person also participates.

Victims of sexually transmitted photos or images?

The distribution or sharing of (sexually oriented) images is punishable by law, but that does not mean that it cannot happen to you. Are you a victim yourself, and are there sexually oriented photos or images of you on the internet? If you report it in time and seek help, the images may be removed before they are viewed, downloaded or shared thousands of times. Afterwards, it can often take a lot of time and effort to get everything removed.

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