10 online dating tips for the over-50s

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10 online dating tips for the over-50s
Many people who reach the magic limit of 50 reflect a little more often on what they have been through and make new plans for the future.

Many people who reach the magic limit of 50 reflect a bit more on what they have been through and make new plans for the future. A large number of single people in their fifties and fifties and older then decide to give love a chance (again). However, dating over 50 is not always easy: most people of the same age don't hang out in the pub every weekend anymore. Still, that's no reason to throw in the towel!

There are several ways to find a great partner, but you'll have to find those ways in order to walk them. In this blog, we'll help you get started with 10 practical tips.

1. Explore the range of online dating sites

Most people over 50 are no longer so quick to venture onto the dance floor of the local disco and often life is busy enough with work, hobbies, friends, family and any (grand)children. It can therefore be difficult to meet new people. Fortunately, almost all people over 50 are now well versed in the internet and the number of mature men and women on dating websites increases every year. However, many soon discover that they are skipped on a general dating site as 50-plusser more often than average. If you notice that your profile does not stand out among younger users, it might be wise to find a dating site specifically for the over-50s. This way you will be able to talk to single people of the same age faster and the chances of finding a nice date will increase immediately. Examples of dating sites for people over 50 are: 50Plusmatch and OurTime.

2. Choose the quality mark 'safe dating'

If you want to start dating online, it is important to choose a reliable and convenient dating site. A good dating site will manually check profiles for authenticity and send data via a secure connection. So always check whether the dating site you want to join carries the 'safe dating' label. Is this not the case? Check how the dating site guarantees the safety of its platform.

3. Complete your profile and choose a clear photo

A comprehensive profile is the foundation of successful online dating. If you leave your profile empty or very vague, you will receive fewer messages from other singles. So add a clear profile photo and say something nice about yourself - like hobbies, interests and dreams. The more personal you complete your profile, the more likely it is that your ideal partner will contact you. So be sure to pay attention.

4. Start a conversation and make it personal

If you are interested in another person and want to start a nice conversation, create a personal message. You do this by briefly explaining why the other person's profile appeals to you. Immediately sound out whether the other person wants to get to know you too. Sincerity is appreciated the most, so do not immediately sprinkle with countless compliments. Instead, capitalise on information you already know about his or her profile and look for a connection

5. Don't get too hung up on the past

Although most single people over 50 have been through multiple relationships or marriages, it's wise to avoid the subject of exes at first. It's not a forbidden subject, but it's better and more fun to focus on the person you're talking to first. Get to know them better and find out what makes them tick.

6. Be honest and be yourself

The single most important rule when it comes to online dating: be honest and be yourself! Everyone has their good and bad sides, but that is what makes someone interesting. Besides, the truth always comes out in the end. So don't pretend otherwise and don't play with your feelings.

7. Plan a first date

If you feel that the person on the other end of the line is genuine and there is mutual interest, don't keep emailing or chatting for too long, plan the first date. If you keep emailing or chatting for too long, there is a chance that unrealistic expectations will arise. Unfortunately, it often happens that someone is not as he or she pretended to be. The other person may already be in a relationship, have children or not, have different interests or a dark past. Or it is the right person, but the photos used on the profile are years old. In general, a week of chatting is considered more than enough!

8. Announce your expectations and choose a safe location

Many men and women who start a new relationship after the age of fifty appear to choose a lat relationship. Having fun together is the most important part of the new relationship, because they've already experienced the house, tree and animal life. But that doesn't mean that every mature man or woman will be able to date in this way. Therefore, discuss briefly what you are looking for and what you expect from the date. Then always agree on a public place where many people are. Make sure that there is always a friend who knows where you are and possibly agree with him or her that you will call when you get home. Arrange your own transportation and bring your cell phone.

9. Keep the first date short but sweet

You both don't know if the magic click will be there, so a first date is exciting and brings uncertainty. So don't make it too long; a five-course dinner is a bit over the top. Choose lunch or drinks and see if it clicks. A second date is easy!

10. Enjoy the dating experience

Although you had a great time, don't force yourself by pushing for another date. Let the other person sink in for a while. You can email or call the next day to let them know how much fun you had. If the date is not suitable for repeating, be clear and honest with the other person as soon as possible. Finally, remember that it's not just about finding a partner; the search can also be fun!

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  • 1. Explore the range of online dating sites
  • 4. Start a conversation and make it personal
  • 5. Don't get too hung up on the past
  • 6. Be honest and be yourself
  • 7. Plan a first date
  • 8. Announce your expectations and choose a safe location
  • 9. Keep the first date short but sweet
  • 10. Enjoy the dating experience

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